Hope Institute of Music
Class Descriptions

Group Cello

Dr. Foy's method incorporates the pedagogy of Samuel Applebaum's Beginning Strings Method (which she began with in Elementary School), plus the incorporation of simple folksongs within a group ensemble context. The students are encouraged to master each lessons' material with their fellow classmates in different ensemble configurations to practice intonation, bowing, and dynamic expression marks in the music. Strict limit of 8 students. Rental information provided at first class session.

Hope Choir

Children's between 4-12 years old will be singing together as Choir to learn the fundamentals of music such as Solfeggio, ear training, proper vocal techniques, correct breath technique, and discipline. The Choir will have an opportunity to perform publicly and gain a wonderful sense of pride, satisfaction and high self-esteem.

Music Day

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Music Education Class encourages children to learn, feel, recite, define, recognize, describe, and distinguish various songs and rhythm. This class will explore and making connection with music and children's everyday life to appreciate and enjoy themselves with friends.


Private and Group lessons taught by Ms. Sunny Ahn